Our Promise:

At This Old Shack, Dennis Lawrence promises that each piece that you take home will be an original, handmade, carefully crafted piece of custom work.

Our Mission:

The mission for This Old Shack is to share a passion for crafstmanship by providing exceptional products with an exceptional message for the people of Columbus, GA.


Dennis and This Old Shack can be found in the following locations:

Market Days on Broadway(1000 and 1100 Blocks): 9am-12pm

Dennis also plans to begin selling at Joey's Thrift Mall and potentially at Front Porch of the South as well as Pled Flea Market, where he sold for a few weeks but did not garner the interest he had hoped for.

Joey's Thrift Mall can be found at 1100 10th Ave #B, Columbus GA 31901. Dennis plans to purchase a stall there once interest in his work takes off on a larger local scale.

Front Porch of the South can be found at 7607 Veteran's Parkway, Columbus GA 31909. As stalls here can be a bit more expensive, Dennis is hoping that a growing interest in his handmade works will grow to the point where he can invest in more stalls and be available in more locations.