Our Promise:

At This Old Shack, Dennis Lawrence promises that each piece that you take home will be an original, handmade, carefully crafted piece of custom work.

Our Mission:

The mission for This Old Shack is to share a passion for crafstmanship by providing exceptional products with an exceptional message for the people of Columbus, GA.

Welcome to This Old Shack!

This Old Shack is a custom crafting business owned and run by Dennis Lawrence in Columbus, Georgia. Here, you can find a great array of original, handmade crafts from carpenter bee traps to a metal chain alligator for your yard.

This Old Shack is an amazing contribution to the Columbus society. Dennis' goal is to provide a great service to those in Columbus looking for custom woodworking or metalworking designs and ideas. You can find any number of novelties on top of some necessities as well. What started out as a small fundraiser has quickly become a profitable business for Mr. Lawrence.


If you are looking for something in particular, visit the Gallery page to see pictures of his work. If you are looking for something custom made for you, you can make special requests on his Custom Order page. The Workshop page will tell you all about the equipment he uses, and the Locations page will list off his most common sales locations and when he will be there.